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Welcome to Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies. Natalie offers both Clinical Canine Massage and Canine Agility Coaching in North Somerset, Somerset, Bristol and South Wales. Natalie also offers guest days for both Canine Massage and Agility Coaching.

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Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies2 days ago
πŸ“£ August Training Days

πŸ—“ Saturday 22nd August - now full (reserves list in place).

πŸ—“ Sunday 23rd August - few remaining spaces.

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Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies3 days ago
πŸ”† Agility Training Days with Emma Haines & Natalie Mitchell @ Cwm Farm, Caerphilly πŸ”†

3 hours training per day split between trainers.
Open to all levels - groups will be grouped accordingly.
Day layout allows one handler to run two dogs (1 in AM and 1 in PM)
Groups limited to 5 people.
Β£45 per dog.

πŸ—“ Sat 22nd August - Course Running Day - FULL (operating a waiting list)
πŸ—“ Sun 23rd August - Skills Day
πŸ—“ Sat 19th September - Course Running Day
πŸ—“ Sun 20th September - Skills Day

Rules and procedures in place following covid-19 guidance.

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Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies2 weeks ago
Canine Massage Therapy targets many of the bodies systems including the very important Nervous System (NS).
With Canine Massage we can stimulate the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems using appropriate techniques for each.
The Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) commonly known as the β€˜rest and digest’ system is a vital part of your dogs balance and wellbeing.
By stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous system we can help to slow the heart and breathing rates, lower blood pressure and also promote digestion. Furthermore, Massage can influence the release of hormones and chemicals into the body that induce relaxation. Pain caused by dysfunctional fascia can contribute to prolonged stress, anxiety and fear of your dog which over a period of time can have a detrimental effect to their posture and behaviour.
Canine Massage works with your dogs body to relieve unwanted anxiety, stress and myofascial pain from across the body. Also by stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers, it can be effective in the reduction and elimination of pain.

β€œChange the Muscle, Change The Posture, Change the Posture, Change The Behaviour” Natalie Lenton, K-9 Massage.

To find out more about my services please visit my website;

And if you think your dog would benefit from Canine Massage Therapy or wish to find out more please contact me via email;

🌍 Based in North Somerset/Bristol BS40 covering Somerset, Bristol & South Wales.
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies1 month ago
πŸ—“ Next available appointments;

Friday 3rd July
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Sunday 5th July
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