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Welcome to Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies. Natalie offers both Clinical Canine Massage and Canine Agility Coaching in North Somerset, Somerset, Bristol and South Wales. Natalie also offers guest days for both Canine Massage and Agility Coaching.

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Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies1 week ago
Such exciting news for the Canine Massage Guild 🤩


The Canine Massage Guild Welcomes Marcelle Cassar as Veterinary Technical Advisor

The Canine Massage Guild is delighted to announce the appointment of Marcelle Cassar BVSc (Hons) CCRT MRCVS as its Veterinary Technical Advisor. In addition to her veterinary qualifications, Marcelle has pursued an education in complementary therapy by achieving the Certificate in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy awarded by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in the USA. She has also completed a course in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Management allowing her to offer acupuncture in general practice.

To read more follow the link below ⬇️
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies2 weeks ago
At times like this it’s very easy to loose focus and let worry take over... But together we will get through this and it’s messages like the one I received yesterday from one of my new clients that keeps me believing.
Stay strong everyone 💜 #followyourdreams
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies1 month ago
With Crufts 2020, the world most biggest dog show just around the corner, it’s a great time for those final pre-competition massages relaxing both the body and mind.

Preparing for events can have a big impact on the dogs physically and mentally and with events like Crufts the dogs can be faced with lots of extra demands to deal with such as; the new surface, new environment, big noises and performing in front of the big crowds and a very heightened environment.
Every dog is different and whether they are competing in agility, obedience, showing or any other sports or activities it is important to tailor specific treatment plans for each individual.

Taper and rest is just as important as training especially in the later stages of event preparation. Canine Massage Therapy can help stimulate parts of the nervous system which help with exactly this. The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) controls the bodies homeostasis and is responsible for the body’s ‘rest and digest’ function. Why is this important? Well this is when the body has chance to relax, repair, regenerate and conserve energy - a vital part of event training and contributing to the end performance on the big day.

💭 If you are interested in your dog having Canine Massage Therapy or would like to know more please find my contact details below.

🌍 Based in North Somerset/Bristol BS40.
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies
Natalie Mitchell Canine Therapies2 months ago
Limited spaces remaining 🌼

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